John Quinn, fondateur de Cagan Tech: “La crise sanitaire mondiale a été un catalyseur”

John Quinn, founder of Cagan Tech, states that the global health crisis acted as a catalyst in the acceleration of digital transformation. According to him, the pandemic hastened the adoption of new technologies and opened up new opportunities for businesses.

As a technology industry leader, Quinn has seen first-hand the impact of the pandemic on businesses. He witnessed how companies had to quickly adapt to meet unprecedented challenges such as setting up remote work and establishing e-commerce systems to maintain ongoing business operations.

For Quinn, these challenges had a positive impact on the technology industry as a whole, boosting demand for innovative technologies that allowed businesses to keep functioning during the crisis. He also highlights that it allowed businesses to discover new opportunities for growth and modernization of their operations.

In conclusion, Quinn is convinced that the global health crisis will have lasting effects on the technology industry. He predicts that digital transformation will continue at an accelerated pace, shaping the future of business and the way we work.

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